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The Sajber Jukebox

Sajber Jukebox is a mpeg layer 3 player with a graphical user interface. It's based on Woo-jae Jung's splay for the audio and QT's graphical library for the interface. The Jukebox maintains pointers to songs on the local system or the net, and when the user wishes to play it, it opens the location and migrates the filedescriptor to the playing process. The advantage of this scheme is that the Jukebox doesn't need to worry about playing the darn thing, and the player won't have to worry about where the song is, since it'll just see the filehandle given to it, and couldn't care less of where it originally came from.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Jul 2001 05:52

    Release Notes: This release fixes compilation with glibc 2.2 and gcc 2.96, and partially updates the splay sources.

    •  01 Apr 2001 06:26

      Release Notes: This release now compiles with glibc 2.x and egcs 1.1.2, and includes lirc support.


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