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SafiServer is an engine that powers the applications called Saflets that control one or more Asterisk PBXs. These can be used for IVR applications such as information, account management, nearest dealer routing, and more. It also acts as an application repository for multi-developer environments.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Another Update 03 Nov 2009 03:27

This update includes all previous updates and includes the following: 1. An improvement to the SafiServer ssh tunneling system for better NAT traversal characteristics. Of course this update won't help you much if you currently can't connect to the SafiServer due to NAT issues since you won't be able to push the files :) For you a new installer is forthcoming. 2. bind.ip property in is no longer used. 3. Additional parameter added to Asterisk server registration info for SafiServer IP accessible from the Asterisk server. In some cases, the IP that the Asterisk server will use to access the SafiServer is not the same IP to which the SafiServer is bound (eg NAT'd network configurations). In those cases, the provided IP will be used when an Asterisk->SafiServer communication is initiated by the SafiServer (eg. FastAGI call). This resolves some issues with the PlaceCall ActionStep. 4. Misc bug fixes.

Recent releases

  •  01 Dec 2009 20:36

    Release Notes: This release fixes an issue causing the SafiServer to bind to an invalid IP address in some cases. It fixes a Global variable issue. It has an improved Linux install script that installs SafiServer as a service. It adds an ami.retry.period property to to control how frequently to retry a broken manager connection (in seconds). It adds useManagerPing to to toggle the manager "ping" function. It removes bind.ip from and install scripts. It fixes an issue with a certain Linux distribution picking up an incorrect localhost IP address.

    •  16 Oct 2009 20:58

      Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs and adds support for the Linux version of SafiWorkshop.


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