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SafeSquid is a content filtering proxy server. It supports 'profiled' Internet access, a browser based interface, very fast throughput, DNS caching, content caching, pre-fetching, bandwidth control, virus scanning, ICP, CARP, and ICAP clients, source, target, and time-based granular firewall style rules to allow or deny content like music, videos, Flash and Java applets, messengers, chats, cookies, ActiveX, scripts, etc., remote authentication, real-time text and image analysis for blocking pornography, and an URL filter.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Jan 2012 13:21

    Release Notes: Contains critical bugfixes and enhancements. Has a completely new Pornographic Image Filtering technology. Has a completely new internal log-rotation mechanism. A memory leak caused in the master-slave operation has been fixed. Response time to new incoming connections is now significantly lower. Can now give assured service for environments with 1000 concurrent connections. SSO authentication responds with reduced latency and memory utilization. Serves content from cache at a significantly higher speed. Support for ICAP servers that demand preview is included.

    •  06 Oct 2010 11:27

      Release Notes: Support for OpenLDAP based authentication was fixed. Support for NTLM authentication was further optimized for speed and performance. The maximum number of idle connections to the LDAP server is now ensured to never exceed 5% of MAXTHREADS. Failure to close connections opened to the LDAP server, because of a logical flaw in accounting, has been fixed.

      •  21 Dec 2009 12:02

        Release Notes: This release allows you to use a variety of authentication methods, like NTLM, BASIC, and PAM. LDAP and AD usergroup mapping has been improved and allows you to create access polices based on the group to which a user belongs on LDAP or AD. A newly designed LDAP Sub-System (LSS) allows you to connect to the specified AD or LDAP server and pre-fetches the directory information of users on startup.

        •  04 Nov 2009 11:08

          Release Notes: Support was added for NTLM authentication for validating SSO credentials of users.

          •  04 Aug 2009 17:04

            Release Notes: A logical bug has been fixed to allow optimal use of memory. Signaling logic has been corrected to ensure a thread state is maintained correctly. Many internal operations have been optimized to reduce Memory usage. The cProfiles section has been further optimized. Process Instrumentation (Performance) Logging has been introduced.

            Recent comments

            06 Oct 2010 11:31 safesquid

            SafeSquid for Microsoft Windows verison 3.4.2 was released recently. SafeSquid for Windows now supports NTLM authentication (SSO) and Pornographic Image Filter. Refer to this link to know more able the latest release -

            22 Dec 2009 10:23 safesquid

            SafeSquid for Windows released:

            SafeSquid for Windows contains minor bugfixes, and important enhancements.

            SafeSquid for Windows, both Personal Edition and Business Edition, now supports use on all Windows Platforms, including Windows 2003 / 2008 / Home Server / Vista / Windows 7.

            SafeSquid for Windows now allows you to authenticate users on the Local System (LSA authentication) or on LDAP / AD. LDAP / AD usergroup mapping has been improved and allows you to create access polices based on the group a user belongs to on LDAP / AD. A newly designed LDAP Sub-System (LSS) allows you to connect to the specified AD / LDAP server and pre-fetches the Directory information of users, on startup.

            The Access Restriction section has an option for enabling / disabling NTLM authentication, which is not active in this release. Work is in progress in this area, and you will be able to make use of this in the next release.

            SafeSquid for Windows now detects any critical internal flaws, and creates a minidump file in the same folder that contains it's native logs. These dump files can be sent to the Technical support for analysis, for a quickly identifying the problem.

            For more details, please refer to -

            29 Aug 2008 05:11 safesquid

            Arrived! SafeSquid for Microsoft Windows
            The SafeSquid Team is so happy to bring SafeSquid to Microsoft Windows Platform.

            The first line of editions in this series is named "SafeSquid Personal".

            SafeSquid Personal has been natively built for Microsoft Windows based Operating Systems.

            This distribution, however retains the functional architecture of SafeSquid for Linux.

            SafeSquid Personal is free and has not time based expiry.

            Please read more at:


            08 Oct 2007 06:11 safesquid

            Getting Ready for Version 4.2.1
            For SafeSquid 4.2.1 we are focusing on improvisations in logs, and handling of forwarded requests.

            # Until SafeSquid 4.2.0 SafeSquid needed a restart when the logfiles reached 2GB size. From 4.2.1 this limitation will be removed.

            # The Native log will now record the application of "profiles".

            # A unique record identifier will now be printed with every line of extended log, to prevent duplication of records when imported into SQL databases.

            # Prior to 4.2.1, the time spent by the user on an HTTPS / SSL session was not recorded in the Access Log. From 4.2.1 the CONNECT requests will be appropriately logged.

            # New variables for use in Custom Templates and External Parsers, are being introduced.

            For details see


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