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GNU Rush

GNU Rush is a Restricted User Shell designed for sites providing limited remote access to their resources, such as SVN or Git repositories, scp, or the like. Using a sophisticated configuration file, Rush gives you complete control over the command lines that users execute, as well as over the usage of system resources such as virtual memory, CPU time, etc. In particular, it allows you to run remote programs in a chrooted environment, which is important with such programs as sftp-server or scp that lack this ability.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Feb 2009 14:51

    Release Notes: This version provides a largely improved configuration file syntax that contains a rich set of transformation commands. In particular, it is now possible to provide explicit arguments for transformations, to delete command line arguments, and to set or modify the name of the binary to be executed, as opposed to argv[0]. A special 'map' statement allows you to look up replacement values in files of almost arbitrary format. Support for executing interactive shells is also included in this version.

    •  16 Jan 2009 23:21

      Release Notes: This version implements a new "post-process notification" feature, which allows it to notify third-party programs via an INET or Unix socket. The configuration file syntax has been extended with the new 'include' statement. Before startup, rush runs a sequence of security checks over the main configuration file and any eventual include files, and refuses to start up if any of these fail. Internationalization support is available, and translations to Polish and Ukrainian are included.

      •  19 Oct 2008 21:34

        No changes have been submitted for this release.


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