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20 Sep 2000 08:06 brat

Introducing: Ridge v.001 Beta

Ridge is a little Ruby program that hides in the background and randomly executes user processes. It does have a small bug though that causes it to occasionally miss its target and execute a child-process instead... One interesting feature is that if interrogated, Ridge will insist that it was acting on behalf of the System Administrator, who will of course deny having authorized the daemon.

Ridge is based on an earlier work, WAC-0, which of course, was a rather botched attempt to combine the ATF and FBI daemons into a common RAID structure. Apparently there were many security problems and rumors persist that the entire WAC-0 codebase was shot full of holes. A raging flamewar ensued which gleaned WAC-0 a brief bit of noteriety but in the end was basically a flash-in-the-pan.

For more information on either of these two projects, Ridge or WAC-0, please contact the project administrator, J. Reno, (senior project coordinator at a large government agency). Unfortunately, at this time, much of both projects remain proprietary despite numerous attempts to take them 'open-source'.


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