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Needle Dependency Injector

Needle is a light-weight dependency injection (aka "inversion of control") container for Ruby. It supports type 2 and type 3 injection, interceptors, hierarchical namespaces, easy configuration (in Ruby), and a flexible integrated logging subsystem.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Nov 2004 18:50

    Release Notes: This release supports parameterized and multi-ton services. Also added were Container#use and #use! for specifying default options when registering services. Also, the :log_for service was added, a parameterized version of :logs. Various other minor features were added and bugfixes made.

    •  11 Nov 2004 19:39

      Release Notes: Certain internal pieces of Needle may be customized by registering services to override default implementations. These internals include the implementing class of namespaces, interceptor definitions, and definition contexts. Also, Needle::Registry now accepts a name and a parent.

      •  04 Nov 2004 14:56

        Release Notes: Logging levels may be defined more flexibly and robustly. Container#require was added to support service libraries. The FAQ and Users Manual are complete (as a first draft). API stabilization and freeze was put into effect.

        •  28 Oct 2004 17:57

          Release Notes: This release renames Registry#new! to Registry#define!, and adds Registry#define as a class method (in addition to being an instance method). Also, "full names" are handled in a more sane manner.

          •  21 Oct 2004 17:19

            Release Notes: Container#register! was renamed, and replaced with Container#define! and Container#define. The interface for Container#namespace (and friends) was changed. The service model implementation was radically changed to use an instantiation pipeline. Many new service models have been added. Benchmarks were also added.


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