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28 Aug 2005 15:08 goosequill

rsync user
I am the author of Walker, a Python script for uploading sites via ftp and scp. Walker is very good for maintaining sites of moderate size, for use over slow connections, for users with limited resources, and for users who need customized control over the upload.

For some time I maintained two and three sites using Walker. Now I am maintaining over ten sites and their related project files. I use rsync exclusively, called from python and ruby scripts which handle mirrored and standardized directory structures across the sites, in other word the sites and dev dirs are all to the same pattern. In this way, I am able to easily maintain HTML, data, and cgi-bin files and to back-up and restore the web sites and the project development files.

08 Mar 2001 20:34 bootswork

rsync as a library
See also (
for information on librsync, which allows programs to call the rsync delta-encoding functions directly.


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Project Spotlight


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