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rssh is a small shell that provides the ability for system administrators to give specific users access to a given system via scp or sftp only.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2006 05:44

    Release Notes: A root compromise bug was fixed. A va_start/va_end bug that crashed on ia64 was fixed. A strlen() segfault was fixed. A service checking bug that always allows cvs and always denies rdist and rsync was fixed. Other small code clean-up fixes were done. Many documentation updates and improvements were made.

    •  18 Dec 2005 16:28

      Release Notes: This release fixes a design flaw in rssh_chroot_helper that allowed local users with full shell access to gain root privileges.

      •  27 Jun 2004 10:30

        Release Notes: This release features support for using rssh with CVS, rdist, and rsync. A very minor security issue has also been fixed.

        •  21 Jul 2003 00:56

          Release Notes: This release is functionally identical to the previous release. The only modifications made were to the build environment, to facilitate building packages. Official RPMs for Red Hat 8 and 9 are now available.

          •  07 Jul 2003 23:55

            Release Notes: New per-user configuration options, and fixes for several previously undiscovered/unreported buglets.

            Recent comments

            17 Oct 2006 11:38 cheako

            Re: Whats wrong with putting 'logout' in .bash_profile?

            > And chown'ing that file too root?

            During an SSH login the user can select a program to run, it may be possible to bypass the .bash_profile. SSH uses the user's shell to exec this program, so the shell itself can not be bypassed.

            I.E. bash's --noprofile option.

            20 Dec 2005 00:08 D00Mer

            What's wrong with rssh 2.3.0 tarball?
            Strange, but every SourceForge mirror gives me corrupted files while trying downloading rssh 2.3.0 source code. But at the same time previous releases files downloaded OK.

            18 Dec 2005 09:59 spafbnerf

            Whats wrong with putting 'logout' in .bash_profile?
            And chown'ing that file too root?

            10 May 2005 07:45 nx12

            I'm a bit lost with rssh
            So can anyone give me an example of command to rsync with rssh?

            Anything like rsync some_dir restricteduser@host:~/another_dir give me errors.


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