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20 Nov 2010 13:17 KuleRucket

I have found that I cannot use the tool with my torrent account with This site requires cookies to be set that contain your user id and passcode, but there is no way to set them in rsstorrent. I just get a list of 'could not find torrent' messages.

I have to put the url in the form:;pass=XXX. This correctly gives a list of torrents when I run "rsstorrent --run --once", but then when the tool tries to download them, it says the file is not found. If I 'wget' the full url of the torrent it doesn't work either so I think these settings need to be preserved somehow.

This is working with utorrent but it's a bit of a pain having to run it in wine. I like the rsstorrent solution better.

Is it likely that future versions of rsstorrent will support this mechanism?


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