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Rscript is written in Expect/Tcl and allows you to automate remote logins and execute a list of commands remotely. It is also useful for scheduling tasks using your local cron instead of the remote cron. rscript is able to execute commands as the superuser (using su) as well. It has support for ssh, ssh2, telnet, and ftp protocols as well as optional remote mail notification of all output. A compact Tcl config file parser is included, as well as example files. A TK GUI frontend allows point and click execution of remote scripts and a window for script output.


Recent releases

  •  31 Jan 1999 14:35

    Release Notes: The Tk GUI frontend is now complete. This will be the final release.

    •  24 Jan 1999 17:47

      Release Notes: FTP support is now scriptable, protocol support has been modularized so additional protocols can more easily be added, and a new quiet option has been added with results sent by email instead of on screen.

      •  23 Jan 1999 16:04

        Release Notes: Much improved config file parser, command line flexibility, and more example scripts. Also, now with Makefile for installation and running test scripts automatically.

        •  20 Jan 1999 06:26

          Release Notes: Now with increased command line option flexibility and a much improved config file parser.

          •  19 Jan 1999 13:08

            Release Notes: Added commandline argument to specify other command files, added example command files to run lisp programs remotely, replaced the separate 'sscript' executable with 'ssh' option in conf, created 'hosts' directory, for separate conf file for each host and made 'su' optional (specified in conf file).


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