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07 Jun 2004 00:52 altic

Re: Newer releases seem to be available elsewhere
4.2 is available from as well here:

There are some problems, though:

* No tar distribution; only SRPM.

* The distribution contains 5 MiBs .o files.

* It doesn't compile on RH73.

Btw, the ChangeLog link above is outdated as well. It's a shame that this project is so badly maintained.

24 Nov 2003 05:17 tpmagnus

It's a shame
It's a shame that one of the coolest OSS tools out there is developed in such closed circles. Hopefully under the Fedora project, development will open up and new releases will be announced here. Also, I hope we get some better documentation that is kept up-to-date (no pun intended).

27 Feb 2003 11:44 skks

Newer releases seem to be available elsewhere
While the latest version show here is 4.0.4, it seems that there are newer releases 4.2 at:

Just in case somone doesnt know!


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Project Spotlight


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