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rpm-get is a simple clone of apt-get for RPM. This little application will let you download, install, upgrade, or remove RPM packages/sources as well as upgrade the entire distribution with ease.

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Recent releases

  •  06 Dec 2001 19:03

    Release Notes: This release changes max2=$(bzcat rpm-list.db.bz2 | grep rpm | grep -v \/ | grep -c .) to max2=$(bzcat /var/lib/rpm-get/rpm-list.db.bz2 | grep rpm | grep -v \/ | grep -c .) in genrpmlist.

    •  30 Jul 2001 00:01

      Release Notes: Compression for rpm-list.db, and a slightly better overview of how many packages there are/will be in the database.

      •  26 Jul 2001 16:20

        Release Notes: A getlists function was added to allow a user to download the database lists from an FTP server. This option will allow rpm-get to perform much more quickly for any FTP sites that include these lists. A bug that disabled the upgrade function was fixed. The ability to only upgrade a single package was added.

        •  24 Jul 2001 04:20

          Release Notes: Wrote the dependency function to check for versions of files or packages that are otherwise installed. Fixed the glibc dependency version checking - all dependency checkings should work now. Made dist-upgrade exclude devel packages as well.

          •  23 Jul 2001 15:40

            Release Notes: S.u.S.E. support was removed. Mandrake/RedHat compatibility was improved. All instances of 'if [ "foo" = "bar" ]' were changed to 'if [ "foo" == "bar" ]'. mklists was renamed to genrpmlist. The default cache directory was properly set to /var/cache/rpm-get, and the default database directory was set to /var/lib/rpm-get. The auto-configure was removed from the spec file so that the RPM package won't start to generate the databases on install. A bug in generating the databases was fixed.

            Recent comments

            30 Apr 2003 07:41 xkwizit2000

            Can't access ftp site blah blah
            I've had trouble getting rpm-get update to work. The output is below:

            Generating /var/lib/rpm-get/RPMS-list
            Looking up
            Making FTP connection to
            Can't Access `'
            Alert!: Unable to access document.

            Obviously, this is a valid ftp site so the problem must be on my side.

            Since rpm-get uses lynx to perform the update, I started looking at lynx. I found that the problem was due to my server being behind a firewall. I needed to initiate an ftp session in passive mode.

            By putting and entry FTP_PASSIVE:TRUE in the lynx.cfg file, the problem was mitigated.


            27 Apr 2003 18:20 Sutabi

            WEEEE! I like it
            This is real nice.....and helpful!

            Maybe a faq or something would help. I would really like to see more heh

            28 Nov 2002 12:26 ShaneHoenke

            Re: Other problem :-(

            > obviously, you have the wrong ftp
            > address in your config file
            > (/etc/rpm-get.conf) ....
            > But this is hardly a suiteble subject
            > for a Project Comment, these are general
            > help questions.
            > So they should not be posted here,
            > rather email
            > me if you have these sorts of
            > questions.
            > thanks.

            I would like to state that I have the same problem with the same error message... I just build this server and was trying to find a nice apt-get clone.. this looks like it is it but am getting some errors... Though I haven't read the FAQ or done any looking yet...

            11 Oct 2002 01:08 CodeAlien

            Re: Proxy with authentication
            I know that it doesnt work very well with proxys,
            and as I dont have any shells with proxys to develop proxy suppurt, itīs not likley that it will have that implimented.
            Then again, if anyone does make it work with a proxy, please, make a proper proxy option as --proxy or something like that to rpm-get and send me a proper diff made patch, and Iīll impliment it.
            send to: alien at

            10 Oct 2002 15:25 dcabai

            Proxy with authentication
            I think this is a great project because it is very usefull like apt-get on Debian, but I have this problem with lynx not with rpm-get. I can´t set up rpm-get to go trought a proxy server with authentication.
            I can do this with lynx when I add to the command the option -pauth id:pass, but if I add this to the code of rpm-get doesn´t work at all.
            I modified rpm-get and genrpmlist the lines that appears the call to lynx and I added the -pauth option, but doesn´t work. If any of you have the same problem and resolve this issue, please let me know. Thanks


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