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RottenFlesh effortlessly generates parodies of stupid software submitted to With RottenFlesh, you can effortlessly mock the open-source establishment. RottenFlesh stays crunchy in milk.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Mar 2003 16:30

    Release Notes: A few things in the grammar were fixed up, and new alternatives for the undesirable_feature rule were added.

    •  06 Mar 2003 19:26

      Release Notes: First (and last) release. Now 73% more likely to be in poor taste.

      Recent comments

      12 Jan 2005 08:41 cuvtixo

      Memories of old freshmeat
      Do you remember before VA started running
      They didn't take themselves seriously. The site had a old-
      skool "hacker" feel. I seem to remember on the front page
      a b&w line graphic of a big chunk of hanging meat on a
      hook. Its hard to beleive its so well established now that a
      parody of it can be made.

      11 Jul 2003 09:23 jepler

      Re: Version 2

      > Can't wait for Version (beta)

      It will never reach that version number. I should explain: The version number for rottenflesh is always composed of only "0" and ".". The version is of the form <major>.<minor>.<bugfix>.

      So, given that the current version is 0.000.0, a bugfix release would be version 0.000.00, a minor upgrade wold be 0.0000.0, and a major upgrade would be 00.0.0.

      Furthermore, in the future I intend to follow this convention with respect to the development vs stable release: If the number of zeros in the <minor> section is prime, then the release is "stable", and if it is equal to one or composite then it is a "development" release. Example: 0.00.0, 00.000.0000, and 000.00000.00 would be stable, while 0000.0.0, 00.0000.0, and 000.000000.00 would be unstable. (This scheme is based on the scheme for Linux, but with the added feature that most <minor> release numbers correspond to development releases, so that milestones between stable releases can be marked in a clear fashion) Thus the next stable major version will be 00.00.0 and the next stable minor version will be 0.00000.0.

      I'm very proud of the version-number scheme I've chosen, and I hope that other projects will soon adopt it. I also hope to develop a version control system that uses this base-0 numbering system

      10 Jul 2003 21:05 sslim

      Version 2
      Can't wait for Version (beta)

      06 Jul 2003 20:12 pierrephilippecoupar

      This is good !
      What a good laugh. Great project !

      10 Mar 2003 08:50 hurtta

      Subject says it all.


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      A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


      Project Spotlight

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