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28 Oct 1999 16:35 quma

I made a small patch a while ago, and tried sending it to all people involved. Most bounced, and a few I just didn't hear anything from. So, I've decided to release a new version myself. I've called it 0.0.4C, and it can be downloaded on from the root-tail page.

05 Oct 1999 14:52 quma

I have occassionally experienced the slowness problem, though since I upgraded to afterstep 1.7.150 and activated backingstore, I haven't had any problems... However, I am having a mixed results with the redrawing, and it seems to ignore the hight of the standard x geometry string (--geometry WxH+X+Y). Still, all in all, pretty cool stuff.

22 Apr 1999 03:53 spyder

Dead link doesn't even exist!


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Project Spotlight


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