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ROME Operating System

ROME is a modular, multitasking, embedded operating system which has been developed and used for multiple research projects within the Computer & Communications Research Laboratory (CCRL) of NEC USA, Inc. in Princeton, NJ. ROME was designed to manage high speed data streams within a multimedia environment. The system splits functionality over multiple processes which are communicating via a low overhead messaging mechanism. ROME supports TCP/IP networking, DOS FS, and provides a GUI toolkit. ROME systems can be built and customized using the ROME Target Builder, a graphical cross platform configuration tool.


Recent releases

  •  08 Mar 2002 16:04

    Release Notes: The RTB code has been cleaned up. Libraries for JPEG and XPM support have been added.

    •  10 Dec 2001 19:45

      Release Notes: The ROME build configuration mechanism has been redesigned. Configuration files now exist in a module context, which makes configuration more simple and more intuitive. The ROME Target Builder has been rewritten to reflect these changes. CVS integration has been removed to create a more simple and easier to use interface. Several ROME components for the MIPS-based Algorithmics P4032 board have been released for use with the new version of RTB.

      •  02 May 2001 21:27

        Release Notes: New modules to support ATA disk drives, floppy disks, and DOS filesystems, a commandline shell module, and updated documentation.

        •  17 Apr 2001 06:22

          Release Notes: This release includes updates to the ROME Target Builder (RTB) to use autoconf/automake to make the compilation/installation process easier, and some minor documentation changes.

          •  13 Apr 2001 13:53

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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