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ROCK Linux is a distribution build kit for creating Linux distributions. You can easily design and build your own distribution by choosing packages, compilers, and optimization options, and optionally enable the GCC Stack-Smashing Protector for enhanced security. It is also possible to choose custom configure options, cross-compile, and much more. Many specialized targets (customized distributions) have already been created, such as a Desktop, Router, or Minimal distribution. A variety of architectures are supported.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Jul 2006 08:10

    Release Notes: Packages can be forked (gcc=gcc3, gcc=gcc4) to reduce code duplication. Packages can be split (gcc, gcc:doc, gcc:dev) to reduce necessary filesystem space after installation. Postinstall scripts can be run to setup the application after installation rather than after compilation. Every ROCK script now has a -help text. udev has replaced devfs. Toolchain compilation for cross-builds has been made easier. Cluster Builds, Pseudonative Builds, and Cross Builds have been made easier. Lots of other improvements were made, and practically all of the 1600 packages were updated.

    •  23 Nov 2004 11:49

      Release Notes: All build errors that occurred on the x86 architecture were fixed. Many tested package updates were merged from the 2.1 branch. A new "build-bootstrap" package selection provides a small set of packages necessary to build everything else. This package selection is used for the "reference build system" to provide cache-files and binary releases.

      •  28 Jun 2004 13:35

        Release Notes: This is a maintenance release and includes a number of security fixes and minor version updates pulled from the development tree. It includes linux-2.4.26+fpu-state-fix, linux-2.6.7, kde-3.2.2, qt-3.3.2, apache-2.0.49, samba-3.0.4, and wine-20040615. New packages include firefox, thunderbird, e2fsimage, device-mapper, and lvm2. usability improvements were made for ROCK Net and the CD-Installer. This release now features full boot-CD support for IBM RS/6000 and Ultra SPARC and iBook-G4 support.

        •  26 May 2004 12:10

          Release Notes: This release features improved compilation on other distributions (SuSE, Red Hat), updates to KDE, GNOME, Linux, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, neon, Subversion, CVS, silo, and dietlibc, and some package additions. There were also single user mode improvements, ROCK Net and ROCK Plug updates (and speed optimizations), a reinclusion of source CD creation, and some PowerPC and SPARC fixes.

          •  07 Mar 2004 05:44

            Release Notes: The packages boost, clip, oprofile, libebml, libmatrosk, taglib, ucl, upx, and libdvbpsi3 have been added, and many packages updated, including kde (3.2), qt (3.3.1), xfree86 (, linux-2.4.25 and linux-2.6.3, alsa (1.0.1), xfce4 (4.0.3), enlightenment-17 packages, and more. The build scripts include many improvements including more advanced DVD creation support as well as shared directory checking.


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