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RobotFlow is a mobile robotics tookit based on the FlowDesigner project. FlowDesigner is a data-flow oriented architecture, similar to Simulink (Matlab) or Labview that is free and versatile. The visual programming interface provided in the FlowDesigner project will help people to better visualize & understand what is really happening in the robot's control loops, sensors, actuators, by using graphical probes and debugging in real-time.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Oct 2005 20:34

    Release Notes: This release was updated to work with FlowDesigner 0.9 and MARIE 0.4. A RobotFlow namespace was created. OpenCV 0.9.6 library support with image tracking (text, color, features) and face tracking algorithms was added. New behaviors are included. Configure scripts were updated. The SNCRZ30 RS-232 driver was fixed.

    •  04 Nov 2004 21:09

      Release Notes: A new version of MARIE blocks to fit with MARIE 0.2.0. New Vision blocks. A new Symbol Recognition demo.

      •  06 Jul 2004 01:08

        Release Notes: RobotFlow is now part of MARIE, and provides an efficient and simple way of connecting multiple applications with already provided RobotFlow blocks. JPEG loading and saving work properly. A LoadImage block that loads any gdk_pixbuf-supported format has been added. It now links with external Player 1.5. There are unit changes to still be able to use degrees and mm / sec. The next version should comply with Player units. RPM packages can now be built.

        •  06 Jul 2002 03:23

          Release Notes: New vision blocks (HoughTransform, Magn2EdgeMap, ImageAnd, ImageOr, InverseHough, and Magnitude) were added. Visual probes were moved in the Probes directory. The Vision toolkit can now be used in batchflow without creating library loading problems. Fixes were also made to

          •  29 May 2002 17:46

            Release Notes: This is an initial release for developers. It features drivers and interfaces for Pioneer2 Robots, vision processing algorithms (color training and tracking), player/stage simulator drivers for Overflow/RobotFlow, signal processing algorithms for audio and video, basic behaviors, fuzzy logic control, artificial neural networks, embedded super blocks (subnets, iterators), basic networking, and device control.


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