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10 Jan 2001 15:57 fwmiller

There used to be other projects...
There were separate projects for Roadrunner and pk. The Cornfed Systems servers moved physically and to another DSL service provider. It took a couple of months to get everything back online (DSL in Baltimore sucks). Freshmeat apparently kills projects as soon as their online resources go away and they only keep backups for 2 months. I tried to get them to reinstate the former projects but that was not possible.

10 Jan 2001 13:03 imipak

Unless I'm very much mistaken...
There's an existing Freshmeat entry for Roadrunner. It's going to be confusing, if multiple entries exist. (Having said that, IMHO it's better to have too many entries than too few. You can always filter what's there, but you can't find what isn't.)


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