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rJSmin is a fast reimplemenation of jsmin.c by Douglas Crockford. Although it's written in Python, nearly all logic happens inside the regular expression engine: rJSmin is actually a single regex substitution call.


Recent releases

  •  23 Feb 2014 21:39

    Release Notes: This is a cosmetic release, and provides documentation and benchmark updates.

    •  07 Feb 2014 23:29

      Release Notes: This release adds the capability to keep comments starting with an exclamation mark (/*! bang comments */).

      •  30 Jun 2013 14:39

        Release Notes: This release mainly fixes a C/Python inconsistency.

        •  07 Feb 2013 16:43

          Release Notes: This release updates packaging and compatibility. A dummy option has been added to to support the pip installer. Support for the following Python implementations has been added: pypy (1.9, 2.0) and jython (2.5).

          •  09 Jun 2012 20:16

            Release Notes: Newline removal before the "!" operator has been made more sensible. This mainly allows for the !function self-calling syntax.


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