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Rippix is a fork of ripperX, a fast and easy to use CD ripper. While ripperX does a good job of ripping and encoding songs from a CD, it uses a rather outdated user interface. Rippix tries to fill this gap. This includes porting Rippix to GTK+ 3. Additionally, a lot of deprecated code will be rewritten and documentation will be added. The reason for a fork is that after some hacking on the ripperX code, it appeared that more modifications were necessary in order to port to GTK+ 3 conveniently than what could be appreciable by ripperX devs, like removing all the XPM images (including the logo) from the UI.

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Make a library out of this 13 May 2012 19:19

After some time of being harassed by GTK+ annoyances (e.g. getting GtkBuilder XML files translated) and my exams which hold me back working on Rippix, I decided to move the "core" of Rippix into a separate library. This allows keeping the core clean and tidy -- no GUI related things will be found there. Also, multiple frontends (GTK+, Qt, ...) can be easily supported through a simple interface since the library does not have to care about them. The new library will be named librippix and it currently awaits approval in Savannah. This project "Rippix" will remain active and serve as a GTK+ frontend.


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A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


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A TWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.