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Ripcord is an PHP 5 XML-RPC server and client library with a very simple and easy to use API. You can create XML-RPC, (simplified) SOAP 1.1, and SimpleRPC clients with one call and then call RPC methods as if they were local methods of the client. You can create a server with one call, passing it any number of objects or classes whose methods it will publish and automatically document.


Recent releases

  •  31 May 2011 11:04

    Release Notes: The access-control-allow-origin header was added, so now you can use JavaScript and XmlHttpRequest2 to directly access ripcord servers. The incorrect documentor interface definition was fixed. The factory methods for the Ripcord clients were fixed, so they now support an alternative transport object.

    •  16 Nov 2010 15:46

      Release Notes: This release has a new and improved automatic documentation generator, parses most phpdoc style information and sports a new fresh design. It works around a few PHP bugs and fixes a problem with the CURL transport layer. The client and server now support multiCall as well as multicall (spot the case difference).

      •  29 Oct 2010 12:12

        Release Notes: This release adds an easier API for system.multiCall; you can now start multiCall queuing, code as if calling methods normally, and then execute the multiCall. This allows you to choose whether or not to use system.multiCall with one call to ripcord.

        •  12 Aug 2010 11:28

          Release Notes: The Ripcord Server now sends the correct content type (text/xml). The addService method now also accepts functions or methods.

          •  16 Mar 2010 12:26

            Release Notes: A problem in the documentor when using static methods in the RPC server was fixed. The API was refactored; dependencies are now explicit parameters of the constructors and factory methods.


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