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Rip is a commandline-based Perl script which rips Compact Disc tracks to either Motion Picture Expert Group Layer 3 (MP3) files, Ogg Vorbis files, or FLAC files without user intervention between the steps of ripping. It supports cdparanoia and cdda2wav for ripping, BladeEnc, LAME, notLAME, and GOGO for WAV to MP3 encoding, oggenc for WAV to Ogg Vorbis encoding/tagging, FLAC for WAV to flac encoding. In addition, it supports CDDB for automatic renaming of files and MP3::Info for MP3 tagging.


Recent releases

  •  16 Jan 2003 18:31

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  20 Nov 2002 07:20

      Release Notes: The oggenc tag command line now uses single quotes instead of double quotes, which will hopefully make tagging more robust. The characters that are removed when creating filenames were altered, track numbers were added to MP3 ID3 tags, and encoder paranoia was removed, allowing users to set the bit rate to whatever they like.

      •  03 Aug 2002 10:39

        Release Notes: Added support for the notLAME encoder and the cdda2wav ripper. The "%N" format descriptor is now zero-padded to two positions, and standard output is now automatically flushed so it always appears on screen.

        •  12 Jul 2002 04:47

          Release Notes: All tracks are now ripped by default if nothing else is specified. You may now do a lazy or superlazy rip on only a specific subset of tracks. A bug that prevented using a fixed bit rate during a lazy rip was fixed. The new command line option -M/--many loops repeatedly through the script to rip many CDs in a row, and the new flag -f/--format allows you to specify your own format for the output filename.

          •  30 Jan 2002 18:17

            Release Notes: Several outstanding bugfixes, including not correctly loading/ripping/ejecting the proper device if one other than /dev/cdrom was flagged and failures caused by attempting to rip non-audio tracks, a new ability to flag quality (which allows variable bit rate encoding for LAME and oggenc), support for the encoder FLAC, and a new ~/.riprc file which allows the user to define some of the defaults in the script.

            Recent comments

            08 Sep 2002 23:44 benyto

            Very useful script
            Easy to use and flexible. Makes ripping to Vorbis a snap.


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