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The rh-isdn package consists of a few scripts and documentation to set up ISDN on Red Hat Linux, written with a little bit of inspiration by isdn4net and the SuSE-startup-files. The scripts have been tested with Red Hat 5.2/6.0 in combination with PAP-PPP, dynamic IP and an Elsa QuikStep 1000 ISA-card (only hisax is supported by these scripts right now, others should work with minor changes). This package is not intended for external modems or Raw-IP.


Recent releases

  •  29 Dec 1999 21:28

    Release Notes: A new script to get dynamic DNS-resolution, a wrong command for hisaxctrl would not let isdnlog change huptime correctly, an HTML-formatted COPYING and CHANGELOG, and updates in spec-file (ioptions) and

    •  14 Dec 1999 02:45

      Release Notes: A bugfix in ifup-ippp routing for kernel 2.0.XX, documentation updates, improvements in the error handling/output/status reports of scripts, and removal of conflicting file options (to RH 6.1 isdn4k-utils).

      •  10 Dec 1999 19:00

        Release Notes: rh-isdn-conf now handles needed parameters in isdn.conf and sets "user" in /etc/ppp/ippp0.d/options according to pap-secrets, updates to the documentation to include rh-isdn-conf as well, and some FAQ-stuff.

        •  16 Nov 1999 03:03

          Release Notes: Inclusion of some missing symlinks from the /etc/ppp/ippp0.d/{up,down}-directory to /etc/ppp/scripts.

          •  15 Nov 1999 00:22

            Release Notes: Support for multiple numbers, and a fix for a bug in the /etc/ppp/scripts/routes-script, where the default-route was deleted even if the dialed device was not the GATEWAYDEV.


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