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PHP FastTemplate clone

PHP Fast Template clone is a replacement of the original class.FastTemplate PHP code, and provides a full recursive template structure. The "dynamic" template blocks allowed in class.FastTemplate can now be nested allowing more compact templates in some cases.


Recent releases

  •  02 Oct 2002 05:17

    Release Notes: The PREG_DYN{BEG,END} statement was modified to ignore trailing comments in HTML comment blocks. An append() method was added as a convenience when adding text to a key, which also works with array arguments. load() was modified to not throw an error if the template file was empty, which can be controlled with the NOEMPTY setting.

    •  18 Oct 2001 22:10

      Release Notes: quiet() has been added to allow template variables to be present in the final output without generating warning messages. The documentation has been updtated, and a "How To" section has been started.

      •  18 Oct 2001 18:12

        Release Notes: clear() FastTemplate compatibility, and a new function clear_dynamic() (which makes multi-level lists easier to manage when some elements may be blank).

        •  11 Oct 2001 22:41

          Release Notes: This release has code cleanup so that it runs quietly even with error_reporting(E_ALL) turned on. The photo album sample has been updated. The current tarball does not include any images, so you will need to include your own and set up the cache directory appropriately. Alternately, you can get the images tarball.

          •  04 Oct 2001 00:13

            Release Notes: A fix for a $t->parse(MAIN,array('table','main')) bug to be compatible with FastTemplate.


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