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rezerwar is a puzzle game that could be quickly described as the illegitimate child of a known block game and the average pipe game.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 May 2010 22:19

    Release Notes: This release fixes a crash (segfault) when blocks would collide on the last row on game over. It is the first release for Mac OS X. A recursion check has been added for mole location in case the mask didn't get generated properly. This release fixes a couple of typos, adds a check for SDL_mixer in the configure script, builds the music with 'xmp' instead of 'mikmod', and has other minor distribution/build related changes.

    •  14 Sep 2009 17:57

      Release Notes: This is a small bugfix release adding DESTDIR to the build system for the final make install, fixing AllowMedic crashing on tutorial level 5, and fixing tutorial mode going to hiscores when it shouldn't.

      •  10 Sep 2009 00:21

        Release Notes: Dynamites now explode visually (bomberman-style). In-game music was improved. A combo system was added. High scores are recorded even when quitting abruptly. Medic cubes also serve as cube converters if not used against a broken side-pipe. The speed and number of moles are regulated from the score. A bug which occurred when blocks were overflowing was fixed. Speeding up the current block doesn't speed up all the others. A higher score means a faster rising floor, and rising floors are now missing left and right blocks to avoid self-triggering lines. Support for Haiku/BeOS was added. The configure/build system was improved.

        •  10 Aug 2009 05:16

          Release Notes: Moles were added, which crawl around the board and can damage the pipes. "Medic" cubes were added to fix the pipes after mole damage. The main menu was improved. Support was added for triggering a direct fall (t*tris-style) with the Up key. Support was added for Hold (t*tris-style) with the Tab key on a PC and the B button on Wii. Every scored point is now displayed directly on the board and then fades away. A bug when added lines would merge with the current block was fixed. The "l" key was added as a validate key in menus (vi-key). The version number was added in the title.

          •  10 Jul 2009 03:10

            Release Notes: The in-game fullscreen toggle now works in Windows. The code now compiles on Nintendo Wii with Homebrew. 16-bit mode was fixed. The audio buffer was increased. All the data is included in the tarball, relieving packagers from running inkscape and mikmod to get the data ready. A ./configure script was added to prepare the build environment for Linux/Unix, Win32, and Wii. The install script now puts files in /usr instead of expecting everything in a fixed directory.


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