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REXEC is a secure, decentralized remote execution system for running parallel and sequential jobs on a cluster of computers. It provides high availability, scalability, transparent remote execution, dynamic cluster configuration, decoupled node discovery and selection, a well-defined failure and cleanup model, parallel and distributed program support, and strong authentication and encryption.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Sep 2000 03:31

    Release Notes: REXEC now uses the OpenSSL library for SSL, and system configuration is easier through the use of autoconf.

    •  17 Aug 2000 01:57

      Release Notes: A few buffer overrun bugs introducted in version 1.2's SSL authentication code were fixed.

      •  14 Aug 2000 23:42

        Release Notes: A distributed leases interface was added for dedicated access using access control files. Unannouncement packets were added to provide hints to vexecds when rexecds are removed from a time-shared pool. Some off-by-one buffer overrun bugs were fixed, as well as some stdin forwarding bugs. SSL initialization and authentication code was factored out.

        •  13 Jul 2000 10:30

          Release Notes: This release adds portability changes for Solaris, randomized heartbeat and announcement packets (within [min,max] intervals) to prevent nodes from synchronizing a randomized heartbeat, and a few bugfixes.

          •  12 Jul 2000 20:41

            Release Notes: Initial release.

            Recent comments

            12 Jul 2000 22:00 jp107

            what's in a name
            Surely rexec is a bad choice of name given the existing exec protocol (on port 512) commonly implemented by rexecd...


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