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REMITT Electronic Medical Information Translation and Transmission is a standalone electronic medical billing solution. It works independent of any specific electronic medical record (EMR) or practice management (PM) system, and can interface with any EMR or PM system that implements its API. The first system to do so is FreeMED.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Jan 2011 16:32

    Release Notes: Rewrite of previous versions of the software as a J2EE application. Adds functionality including: a SOAP/REST interface, unit testing, a Web-based configuration interface, support for insurance eligibility testing capabilities for clearinghouses, X12 835 remittance processing, support for remittance “callbacks” to EMR/PM systems, and a self-patching/maintaining database system. (All newer versions of FreeMED (0.9.x) require this version of REMITT to have billing functionality.)

    •  22 May 2007 17:13

      Release Notes: This release adds NPI support, improves queuing operations, has better FreeClaims and GatewayEDI logging, and has PID support for init scripts. A race condition has been fixed. This release should be used with FreeMED 0.8.4+.

      •  10 Aug 2006 14:47

        Release Notes: An internal logging mechanism is used instead of syslog. PDF-specific formatting is allowed in XSL sheets. A GatewayEDI transport critical bug was fixed. Daemonization of the server process was made nicer. FreeClaims transport was modernized. Extraction of original XML data for billing runs is allowed. This release is required for FreeMED 0.8.3 and beyond.

        •  28 Feb 2006 13:51

          Release Notes: This is primarily an update release for the 0.3 stable release, with small formatting and transport changes. A transport for GatewayEDI was added, and the XML-RPC interface was stabilized. It is meant to coincide with FreeMED version 0.8.2.

          •  12 Sep 2005 20:17

            Release Notes: The internal architecture has been changed to work more asynchronously. Patient statement rendering has been added. Threads are used internally. The license has been changed to GPL only. There are massive changes in the XML-RPC API.


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