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Remembrance Agent

The Remembrance Agent (RA) watches your over your shoulder and continuously updates a list of documents relevant to what is being typed or read in an Emacs buffer. Suggestions are then displayed in their own window at the bottom of the frame, and are continually updated every few seconds. The RA uses a multi-field information-retrieval back-end called Savant that can index several different kinds of files, including email archives, HTML, LaTeX, and plain text format.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Sep 2005 19:35

    Release Notes: A few changes were made so that Savant will compile on Mac OS X. The inclusion of malloc.h in dateyacc.c was removed, since Mac OS X has trouble finding it and it doesn't seem necessary anyway. /sw/include was added to and /sw/lib was added to main/ so that Mac OS X can find the PCRE libraries when they are installed using Fink. The "missing" script was updated to a later version.

    •  07 May 2001 09:32

      Release Notes: This release changes the indexing algorithm in find_next_doc to be much faster on large documents (eg. e-mail with attachments), includes a fix for clobbering of C-xo that was introduced in 2.09, and fixes a few minor indexing problems. As of 2.09, remem is available under the terms of the GPL.

      •  02 Mar 2000 09:50

        Release Notes: Bug fixes: Multi-frame support now works (so it's happy with VM), fixed intermittent bug that would wedge Emacs in some cases. New features: Suggestion output is read only (hit space to page down, hit 1-5 to rate the document). Text-retrieval improvements, print hash-marks instead of relevance numbers, customizable prefix keys (again, so it's happy with VM), option to automatically change database depending on major-mode or buffer name.

        •  14 Oct 1999 04:29

          Release Notes: Proper handling of RMAIL, VM, and GNUS summary buffers, GNUS and VM no longer clobber the buffer window, support for GNUS fields, better signature-line filtering, a "follow symbolic links" option on indexing, automatic reload of index files if they're re-indexed, and "C-c r h" now gives a help screen/list of commands.

          •  15 Sep 1999 11:58

            Release Notes: Standardized keybindings, change database function, full-page manual query mode, better sanity checks for misconfiguration, back-end optimizations, XEmacs bug fixes.


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