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Redo Backup and Recovery

Redo Backup and Recovery is an extremely easy point-and-click rescue live CD with a suite of tools for system backup and recovery, partition editing, deleted file recovery, drive management, data protection, and more. The backup tool stores an image of the entire hard drive, so recovery from viruses, malware, or disc failures takes minutes. It boots from a CD or USB drive. It automatically locates local drives, USB drives, and network-shared drives to make backup storage and retrieval as simple as possible for anyone. The menu-driven GUI includes a Web browser for downloading drivers and a terminal with advanced command line tools.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Nov 2012 14:34

    Release Notes: This is a major upgrade, converting the live CD base from Ubuntu 10.10 to 12.04 LTS to provide better hardware support for more devices. The drive reset utility now allows multiple drives to be reset simultaneously. Better progress reporting based on partition sizes was implemented. Conformance with Ubuntu Remix guidelines was improved. Window titlebars are now provided for easier navigation. Time now syncs to local machine time rather than forcing a timezone. A beep is given when long processes complete. Other enhancements were made.

    •  03 Jan 2012 22:49

      Release Notes: This release adds many requested enhancements. Spaces now allowed in network file share names. Warnings are included for the disk space free on the destination drive. An error is reported if restoration fails due to a nonexistent partition. Long lists of partitions are size-limited in the dropdown so they fit on the screen. The newest stable partclone binaries have been added to the live CD image.

      •  10 Aug 2011 19:42

        Release Notes: This release improves on the stability and features of the 1.0.0 release by adding LVM tools (system-config-lvm), fixing support for HFS+ filesystems, and applying some minor changes to the live CD boot menu to support loading the system to RAM as an option (so a CD-ROM drive can be used for reading a backup or burning a CD).

        •  10 Jun 2011 22:05

          Release Notes: This release includes an important bugfix to allow users to save to NTFS-formatted drives, such as external USB drives.

          •  07 Apr 2011 20:19

            Release Notes: This release begins the planned conversion to an updated Ubuntu 10.10 live CD base, built from scratch, to provide more complete hardware support for more devices, a better upgrade path for future releases, and easier ability to customize the live CD or add features and patches.


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