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Record Editor

Record Editor is a data file editor for CSV (Comma/Tab delimited values) files, fixed field width files, and XML files. This program uses a record-layout definition to display the data file in a human-readable form. It can handle PC (text and binary), Unix (text and binary), and native IBM mainframe (text and binary) file formats. It is similar to Net-Cobol's Cobol-Editor or Compuware's FileAid.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Aug 2013 11:02

    Release Notes: This release adds improved Macro (Scripting) support, a text-edit view, group filters, support for editing GetText-PO files and SwingX-Tip files, two more CSV parsers and improved CSV support, improved support for Cobol Data files, foreign language support (via GetText-PO files), docking and undocking support, and other minor changes.

    •  12 Jun 2012 23:54

      Release Notes: This release enhances filters (adding "and/or" support), enhances HTML exportation, adds an option to open an exported file, and adds minor GUI and menu changes and problem fixes.

      •  15 May 2012 13:36

        Release Notes: Changes include enhanced record selection (via limited Boolean expressions), an upgraded SaveAs / Export function, editing the exported files, XSL Transforms for XML files, Velocity included as standard + extra variables available in velocity, export via scripting languages (JavaScript, Jython, JRuby etc.), numerous GUI changes, a new FileWizard reader, minor changes to Find Function, and Problem fixes.

        •  04 Oct 2010 22:54

          Release Notes: Changes in this release include a field show/hide function, an enhanced layout wizard, an enhanced copy utility, and enhanced hex display options. A new Prefered Layout displays a record's contents based on the record type. Various problems were fixed.

          •  28 Jan 2010 11:37

            Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with HSQL version when running against the Database in embedded mode (accessing the database directly rather than through the server). There are UTF-8/16 enhancements as well.


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