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23 Sep 2002 23:03 evc

Re: Replacement for GNU recode?
It is not replacement to GNU recode, just same name :)
So, if I put freeware license, then it means that program is freeware. Nothing more.
By the way, I try to change program's name to recode-ru, is this ok to community?

23 Sep 2002 11:34 proskin

Re: Replacement for GNU recode?
Looking at the code of this recode, it's obvious that it's not meant as a replacement of GNU recode, since it has a very limitad scope. It pretends to be faster, so if you need to recode gigabytes of Russian texts on a 386 machine with very fast I/O, then this program is for you, otherwise GNU recode is a better solution :-)

Seriously, this hack should probably be dropped from Freshmeat. It doesn't have any license whatsoever, so it cannot be called freeware.

28 Jun 2002 08:27 kseistrup

Replacement for GNU recode?
There's already an old GNU program called <a
href="">recode that does something similar.&nbsp;
Unless this new recode is meant as a replacement of the old one, perhaps another name would be
more appropriate.


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