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Rebound is a reimplementation of the game called Diamonds which existed for the Macintosh in the early 90s. It is a cross between a puzzle and an action game. The game play requires the player to use the ball on the screen to hit bricks and destroy them. However, rather than hitting the ball with a paddle like breakout, the player controls the left and right movement of the ball with the arrow keys. The ball still bounces up and down on its own, but there is no bottom to fall off of.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Dec 2006 07:57

    Release Notes: Rebound now has 14 playable levels. A Win32 binary for this release is available. Users are encouraged to edit the data/levels.ldf file to add new levels. The syntax is described in the levels.txt file which is located the same directory. This makes it very easy to add new levels.

    •  30 Oct 2006 18:40

      Release Notes: The main window has been reduced to fit on a 1024x768 resolution monitor. In the process, the score area has been updated to a brushed metal theme rather than the strange red one that was being used before. A new "game over" screen has been added, as well as new levels.

      •  20 Oct 2006 21:22

        Release Notes: All the images are finished/updated, and sound has been added. The game has a total of seven playable levels and an intro screen to give basic help. Minor enhancements include a countdown timer and the ability to get an extra ball, and each level has its own background image. This release includes a Win32 binary release.

        •  09 Oct 2006 08:08

          Release Notes: The score area is nearly completed. It now shows the level title and author as well as a score value which increases with each brick hit. It still needs a countdown timer.


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