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Reapoff (Regular Expression, Arbitrary Protocol, Opensource Filtering Firewall) is a regular expression enabled TCP/IP proxy. It operates on data using a pair of simple rule- based configuration files defining the tests and actions to perform on data. It can also sign SSL connections transparently (with MITM), applying a security policy to encrypted SSL sessions that would otherwise be allowed unchecked. The proxy forms the core part of an overall firewall solution designed to run from a RAM disk using Trinux.


Recent releases

  •  10 Nov 2002 14:39

    Release Notes: The SSL proxy had been improved. Policies can now be set according to different authentication credentials. A GTK GUI with extensive functionality was added. Time-based ACLs are now possible. One time passwords have been implemented for the Authenticator proxy.

    •  27 Aug 2002 07:34

      Release Notes: Proxies for HTTP, SMTP, SSL,and FTP are available, and full SSL proxying (MITM) is available for inspecting SSL connections. A GUI is now included to simplify deployment and rule creation. A Trinux installation is available.


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