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Ream (REAd Mail) is a robust text-mode full-screen mail client. It can handle multi-megabyte large mail-files in spool areas or file folders without problems. It was originally written by Paul Dourish, and has been updated to compile and work under Solaris and Linux. Installation is also simpler.


Recent releases

  •  16 Nov 2000 12:38

    Release Notes: This release fixes a missing linefeed bug when compiling under Linux, now compiles and runs on Solaris and Linux, and features a simpler and more straightforward installation routine.

    Recent comments

    05 Sep 2005 17:20 hacksaw

    So so
    This mailer has a lot of features one might want in a mail reader, but its bugs are irritating. For instance, it prints mail messages with linefeeds included, which has never been a Unix standard, even though its targets are only Unixoid.

    Also it defaults to showing you a blank screen after showing a message, which is of dubious use.

    The code is sophomoric, but on the other hand is relatively clear and uncomplicated. This is a package ripe for improvement.


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