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21 Oct 2004 18:59 brainless

VNC isn't that vulnerable !
If you look at SecurityFocus.COM, you would notice that VNC isn't rank high at all. The highest ranking report on VNC is # 72, and is dated 1998 !

The report is at

Find out about it yourself !

30 May 2000 18:22 dlippolt

darn it! wrong link.
here ( is the right one.

30 May 2000 18:19 dlippolt

yes, but security vulnerability
click here ( for details on

16 Feb 1999 15:11 carlton

VNC is freedom!
As we all know, Linux is the very best working environment for anyone who chooses to use it. VNC gives us the freedom to work in a homogenous environment without having to dual-boot. It just plain works!


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