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17 Aug 1999 19:08 airportman

Sound card problems
I use a Sound Blaster 16 (4.16) with an AWE32 synth (modules are sb, awe_wave, uart401, softoss2, sound and soundlow) with Linux kernel 2.2.10. RealPlayer G2 ALPHA segfaults, apparently after a select(), I think to /dev/mixer. Any idea?

08 Jul 1999 01:07 hillie

RealPlayer G2 ALPHA for Linux & SBLive!
It seems that G2 Alpha does not work with the alpha SBLive! driver from Creative Labs, Inc.

It just exits with a segmentation fault. Has anyone else gotten it to work with this driver?

I think it's a problem with the driver, because I used G2 with OSS for a very long time before getting my SBLive! and worked very well, very stable too.

17 Mar 1999 22:30 archmage

RealPlayer 5.0
I've had it working with 2.2.x with OSS, but now it doesn't seem to work with Glibc2.1 :(

15 Mar 1999 13:44 joschlec

G2 -- will it ever happen?
Does anybody know if there are any projects to port the G2 version to RH linux?

01 Mar 1999 01:08 sp0ng

Realplayer doesn't work on my system either... it buffers the video and then crashes with an "audio error type 1." I'm pretty sure it's because I have an Ensoniq AudioPCI es1371 and playing .au files isn't supported by the driver :-(... I think RealPlayer is trying to play sound in .au format and isn't working. If anybody has any workaround for this that they know, please email me at


14 Jan 1999 21:33 xxi

realplayer through a firewall
Hi. I can not get realplayer 5.0 to work through my firewall. I have ip_masq_raudio loaded on the firewall, and when I load a site it says its playing.. but no sound. When I press stop I hear a moment of sound then its stops. Very strange. This is on a Debian system (slink) with kernel 2.0.35 on both the gateway and my system.


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