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Regular Expression Graphing Program

This program is designed to take a regular expression and produce a graph of the state machine that is used to parse the regular expression. It is useful for teaching regular expressions and state machines. The program comes with a built-in tutorial and sample set of regular expressions.

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Recent releases

  •  22 Apr 2005 06:51

    Release Notes: The system now writes out image files which can be used by other programs. You can not only graph the regular expressions, but the execution of the regular expression. Interactive move has been removed.

    Recent comments

    28 Dec 2004 21:40 billposer

    Nice tool, but I have some suggestions

    This is a very nice teaching tool and produces surprisingly
    readable diagrams. It would be really nice if the print function worked properly. One suggestion is to produce the real FSA for the + operator. Right now it treats this like * with a different annotation. Second, I suggest allowing the user to change the size of the elements in the diagram so that things don't get too cluttered. Third, I suggest starting up with a smaller window. I at least don't like having my whole screen taken up with one program.
    Finally, since there is a free tool for drawing diagrams of exactly the right sort, namely the dot program from the
    graphviz ( package,
    it might be a nice feature to generate a description of the FSA that can be passed as input to dot and let dot do the layout.


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