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re2c is a tool for writing fast and flexible lexers. Unlike other such tools, it concentrates solely on generating efficient code for matching regular expressions. This make it suitable for a wide variety of applications. The generated scanners approach hand-crafted ones in terms of size and speed.


Recent releases

  •  25 May 2008 19:20

    Release Notes: A bug in the internal buffering caused issues with input files in some circumstances. As a consequence, re2c would either report an error or even crash. No further changes have been made.

    •  06 Apr 2008 21:12

      Release Notes: This release adds a few minor features. Most notably, it allows for transparent handling of #line directives in input files and has improved -r functionality. The -r interface has changed a lot.

      •  15 Feb 2008 21:16

        Release Notes: This is hopefully the last development release of the 0.13 cycle, and should lead to a stable 0.14 release. This version is being used to replace the use of flex as the PHP scanner generator. At the time of this writing, the efforts are extremely promising, and more than 98% of the 5K PHP tests already pass.

        •  12 Sep 2007 12:06

          Release Notes: This release fixes some minor build issues for Mac OS and AIX. Furthermore, has increased compatibility and allows auto-detection of a Cygwin environment and the presence of a Visual Studio build. If detected, the test suite will automatically use that build.

          •  27 Jun 2007 05:35

            Release Notes: This stable version fixes a crashing problem on Mac OS X concerning fwrite with 0 length.


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