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RealizationEngine Group Communicator

The RealizationEngine is designed from the ground up to facilitate group communication and collaboration. It will store that communication to built and manage an institutional knowledge base. It is accessible from any Web browser or Web-enabled device. Classified information is easily restricted to authorized individuals. Information can be compartmentalized, restricted, or published openly, as appropriate, all from the same system. Ideas are coherently threaded, and every message is searchable in a single location and in the context of the messages related to it.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 May 2003 08:29

    Release Notes: This version fixes a few annoying bugs, adds many new features that just make things more usable, adds many interface improvements, finishes up attachment management, and offline archiving of attachments is now possible for admin.

    •  14 Nov 2002 16:33

      Release Notes: The fonts were cleaned up. The double-space coding was changed. root can now see all folders, including a user's private folders which revoke read permissions for groups or other. The groundwork was laid for the implementation of attachment management.

      •  07 Nov 2002 18:00

        Release Notes: Domain name usage in email notifications was fixed. Many bugs that caused warnings in the error log were eliminated. The way passwords are updated when a new password is requested was changed. Stylesheets are now applied much more consistently.

        •  29 Oct 2002 15:08

          Release Notes: The "disapear message" proceedure was fixed to dump back to the original folder. "Dura-links" and the "green bar" on user and attachment admin dialogs were added. Aging on the "Reply" screen was cleaned up. Names were added to unnamed messages. HTML filtering was added to message titles.

          •  21 Oct 2002 16:11

            Release Notes: A bug in sending notification messages was fixed. Work on attachment management was started. A complete revision of the user management tools was done. HTML tag filtering was added.

            Recent comments

            13 Jun 2008 03:31 imhavoc

            It's not dead, yet!
            This project is not dead, it's only dormant. Due to the complete lack of user feedback, I have not bothered to update this page. If anyone is using the RE, I'd like to know about it.

            The current development version is 2.5, which includes CSS theming. It also makes internationalization possible (eventually), and starts the way for plugins/modules to extend functionality.

            I'm planning on eventually re-licensing the RE under the GPL, but that's a low priority since there are no users.

            27 Aug 2002 15:37 imhavoc

            RE running under Windows
            Okay, RealizationEngine1.0.12 release candidate 1 is out, and it runs under Windows.

            It has not been extensively tested (hense "release candidate"), and there's no better way to test it than to turn you guys and gals lose on it.

            You can download it at



            Send feedback.

            05 Aug 2002 10:31 imhavoc

            Re: Holy Freaking Cow! Got the RE running on a Win2K server.

            > I will attempt to release a version of
            > 1.0.10 for Windows when I release 1.0.10
            > for Linux....

            Well, Windows development is on hold until I find a solution to e-mail under windows. Anyone got any ideas?

            02 Aug 2002 23:14 imhavoc

            Re: Holy Freaking Cow! Got the RE running on a Win2K server.
            It occurs to me that all of the mail functions will be broken under windows. Anyone have any suggestions on a replacement for sendmail?

            02 Aug 2002 19:40 imhavoc

            Holy Freaking Cow! Got the RE running on a Win2K server.
            yeah, yeah, sure, it would be great if the RE ran on Windows boxes, but what a pain, right?

            Well, after several hours of getting the Win2k box configured, and everything lined out, it seems to work!

            I will attempt to release a version of 1.0.10 for Windows when I release 1.0.10 for Linux. This really makes me think that getting it to run on other Unix will be a piece of cake. (if only I had a few more boxes to play with , right?)

            I'll keep you posted.


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