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25 Apr 2006 07:40 miek

Re: How is this different from find?

> find . -type f -newer .lastbackup

> -print

what this doesn't take into account is removed files, rdup

does show files that are removed since the last run.

grtz Miek

25 Apr 2006 07:24 thelars

How is this different from find?
Hi there,

I'm curious how 'rdup' is different from the 'find' command, which can trivially print out a list of files modified since the date on some arbitrary timestamp file:

find . -type f -newer .lastbackup -print

You simply 'touch .lastbackup' whenever you successfully complete your backup. The description for rdup makes it sound like it's doing pretty much the same thing...but some of the comments on the different releases imply that it actually has some additional features. Maybe just the description needs updating?


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