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30 Mar 2012 06:46 qaz001

This release works correctly on Windows XP, thanks

23 Jul 2009 08:51 louigi600

BTW: forgot to mention that the wrapper script also attempts to use any other licenses it finds in ~/.rdesktop/ before generating a new one.
You might like to remove ant dead licenses every now and then ;-)

23 Jul 2009 08:47 louigi600

With reference to the first comment: 25 Jul 2005 13:41 by rfong1
I tend to use seldomly rdesktop ... but when I need it it's really mandatory.
I thus tend to forget the -n <hostname> workaround ... I wrote a wrapper script whis does it automatically (generating a new random hostname when old temporary licence gets "connection reset by peer".
The wrapper also sets sensible size for the rdesktop window by using xrandr where possible or some sane default values where xrandr is not working (ie in VNC):


CURR_SIZE=$(xrandr 2>/dev/null| grep "current" |awk -F, '{print $2}' |tr -d 'a-z' |sed -e "s/ */ /g")

[ -z $CURR_SIZE ] && CURR_SIZE="1004 754"

set -- $CURR_SIZE
X_RD_W_SIZE=$(expr $1 - $X_MARG)
Y_RD_W_SIZE=$(expr $2 - $Y_MARG)

rdesktop.bin -g $RD_W_SIZE $ORG_COMMAND
if [ $? -eq 141 ]
LICS=$(cd ~/.rdesktop ; ls -r licence.* |cut -d "." -f 2)

for LIC in $LICS
echo -n "$LIC : "
rdesktop.bin -n $LIC -g $RD_W_SIZE $ORG_COMMAND
[ $STATUS -ne 141 ] && break
[ $STATUS -eq 141 ] && rdesktop.bin -n $(mcookie |cut -b -8 |tr "0-9" "a-j") -g $RD_W_SIZE $ORG_COMMAND


25 Jul 2005 13:41 rfong1

Re: tcp_recv read: disconnecting
You will get the message:

ERROR: recv: Connection reset by peer

Broken pipe

if a client side license is missing.

Try running "-n testme"
./rdesktop -n testme yourservername

The "-n" will choose a client name and therefore be given a 90 day temporary license for that client. After 90 days,
change "-n testme" to a different name, such as "testme2". You can do this indefinitely.
Some versions of rdesktop use the --built-in-license flag as well.

22 Jan 2004 11:10 danial

Re: rdesktop with color depth more than 8 bit

> Does any one know how to make Windows
> 2000 TS to accept more color than the
> default 8-bit with RDP client.

Windows 2000 Terminal Services is limited to 256 colors!


04 Dec 2003 08:45 DinhM

rdesktop with color depth more than 8 bit
Does any one know how to make Windows 2000 TS to accept more color than the default 8-bit with RDP client. rdesktop 1.3.0 can specify the color depth using -a. But I'm not able to get more than default 8-bit. Specifying anything else would just kill the connection because server cannot take it.


30 Oct 2003 02:02 esrever_otua

Absolute legends...
To all the developers and people who have contributed to the rdesktop project I would like to convey my absolute, heartfelt, warmest thanks for what must truly be one of the stand-out gems of the open-source world. This ranks right up there with Samba as one of the projects that I showcase anytime I want to demonstrate the superior flexibility, configurability, interoperability, and every other damn thing about Free Software that makes it such a fantastic solution for so many situations. You all have done a fantastic job, and haven't let me down with the release of 1.3.0!

15 Oct 2003 02:23 vunguyenquang

Can not run install !
Sorry, I can not run intall, pls help me to resolve this pro.

[root@localhost rdesktop-1.2.0]# ./configure
bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

12 Sep 2003 00:09 imranh

Re: rdesktop and win2k3
could u plz tell me where i find the patch & how to install update patch. I want windows2003 in 16 bit color mode through rdesktop.

Plz help me to do this
Thanks in advance

15 Jul 2003 09:15 marmor

Windows Server 2003, SGI-Irix

First let me thank you for a so useful tool. And free...

I'd like to know if I can run it under the UNIX of Silicon-Graphics (Irix).

In addition, I'd like to know if I can run it against a Windows Server 2003 (as the server - where the desktop really belongs to).



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