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rdesktop is an open source client for the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which is used in a number of Microsoft products including Windows NT Terminal Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows 2008 R2 Server. rdesktop currently runs on Linux and other Unix based platforms with the X Window System.


Recent releases

  •  21 May 2014 15:13

    Release Notes: This release add support for server redirection when connecting to a Windows 2012 RDS Farm and fixes issues related to server redirection for Windows 2003/2008. There are also a few other issues solved when connecting to Windows 8/Windows 2012 . The default printer driver "HP LaserJet 8500 PS" used for local printer redirection has been changed to "MS Publisher Imagesetter". This makes printing work out-of-the-box with Windows 2003 and later versions.

    •  19 Nov 2013 12:08

      Release Notes: This release fix issues with crashes in several cases, minor changes to window management and SeamlessRDP, support for additional disconnect codes introduced with Window 2008r2, and a few other things.

      •  09 Aug 2013 09:51

        Release Notes: This release includes features regarding authentication and security such as Network Level Authentication (NLA) which adds support for SSL/TLSv1 connections and kerberos server authentication. Connection sharing for SeamlessRDP will use the same connection against a terminal server to start additional applications. This was done implementing inter-process communication (IPC) for rdesktop, where a master process is controlled by slave processes. Smart card single-sign-on functionality is available for both plain rdp and CredSSP using a PIN passed as an argument to rdesktop.

        •  10 Jan 2012 12:32

          Release Notes: This release fixes a few major issues with the 64-bit build with smartcard support, license handling with Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server, and a few minor bugs.

          •  18 Apr 2011 12:25

            Release Notes: A directory traversal vulnerability with disk redirection against malicious servers has been fixed. Several stability problems with 64-bit systems have been fixed. The support for recent Windows versions such as Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 has been improved. A few keyboard related bugs has been fixed. The compatibility with PulseAudio/padsp has been improved. RandR is supported, so the session will be automatically resized if the local screen size changes.

            Recent comments

            30 Mar 2012 06:46 qaz001

            This release works correctly on Windows XP, thanks

            23 Jul 2009 08:51 louigi600

            BTW: forgot to mention that the wrapper script also attempts to use any other licenses it finds in ~/.rdesktop/ before generating a new one.
            You might like to remove ant dead licenses every now and then ;-)

            23 Jul 2009 08:47 louigi600

            With reference to the first comment: 25 Jul 2005 13:41 by rfong1
            I tend to use seldomly rdesktop ... but when I need it it's really mandatory.
            I thus tend to forget the -n <hostname> workaround ... I wrote a wrapper script whis does it automatically (generating a new random hostname when old temporary licence gets "connection reset by peer".
            The wrapper also sets sensible size for the rdesktop window by using xrandr where possible or some sane default values where xrandr is not working (ie in VNC):


            CURR_SIZE=$(xrandr 2>/dev/null| grep "current" |awk -F, '{print $2}' |tr -d 'a-z' |sed -e "s/ */ /g")

            [ -z $CURR_SIZE ] && CURR_SIZE="1004 754"

            set -- $CURR_SIZE
            X_RD_W_SIZE=$(expr $1 - $X_MARG)
            Y_RD_W_SIZE=$(expr $2 - $Y_MARG)

            rdesktop.bin -g $RD_W_SIZE $ORG_COMMAND
            if [ $? -eq 141 ]
            LICS=$(cd ~/.rdesktop ; ls -r licence.* |cut -d "." -f 2)

            for LIC in $LICS
            echo -n "$LIC : "
            rdesktop.bin -n $LIC -g $RD_W_SIZE $ORG_COMMAND
            [ $STATUS -ne 141 ] && break
            [ $STATUS -eq 141 ] && rdesktop.bin -n $(mcookie |cut -b -8 |tr "0-9" "a-j") -g $RD_W_SIZE $ORG_COMMAND


            25 Jul 2005 13:41 rfong1

            Re: tcp_recv read: disconnecting
            You will get the message:

            ERROR: recv: Connection reset by peer

            Broken pipe

            if a client side license is missing.

            Try running "-n testme"
            ./rdesktop -n testme yourservername

            The "-n" will choose a client name and therefore be given a 90 day temporary license for that client. After 90 days,
            change "-n testme" to a different name, such as "testme2". You can do this indefinitely.
            Some versions of rdesktop use the --built-in-license flag as well.

            22 Jan 2004 11:10 danial

            Re: rdesktop with color depth more than 8 bit

            > Does any one know how to make Windows
            > 2000 TS to accept more color than the
            > default 8-bit with RDP client.
            > DHM

            Windows 2000 Terminal Services is limited to 256 colors!



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