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rb.log is a full-featured weblogger written in Ruby. It features file uploads, comments, blog- rolling, side-bar editing, bookmarklets, the Blogger API, searching, RSS syndication, and archives. It also performs well on slower machines by regenerating static pages after posts are made.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Dec 2003 02:59

    Release Notes: There have been a number of fixes and improvements. A rudimentary (though not entirely satisfactory) page caching mechanism has been incorporated. Authors can be authorized to include mod_ruby code in their posts (allowing Web log posts to include dynamic content). TrackBack support is new since 1.1.1.

    •  08 Dec 2003 02:59

      Release Notes: Changes to the SecurityManager class to coexist with version 1.1.2. Minor fixes.

      •  23 Apr 2003 22:34

        Release Notes: This version adds fully pluggable themes (selected in the configuration page), future/past version safing allowing multiple versions of rb.log to peacefully coexist, calendars, RSS aggregation, enhanced post formatting options, post-to-the-future, multiple weblogs hosted by a single installation, and If-Modified-Since/Last-Modified support.

        •  23 Apr 2003 03:36

          Release Notes: A future version safing mechanism has been added. If you intend to use rb.log 1.0 and any newer version on the same host simultaneously, you need this release.

          •  09 Apr 2003 02:34

            Release Notes: This is a development release. While 1.1 should work fine, 1.0 is the officially-supported stable release. This version reworks template invocation, security policy enforcement, and other internals. Searching has been restructured. Permalinks are differently formatted (though rb.log remains backwards-compatible with old permalinks). Authors may receive article comments via email. Posts may be set invisible. Post timestamps are mutable. Posts may be pinned to the top of the page. Readers can subscribe and be notified via email when a new article has been posted.


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