Comments for RAPID Analysis Program for Investment Decisions

04 Jan 2010 20:11 eacepayeakermaye

If I shut down the website, look in for Rapid.

15 Feb 1999 23:08 eacepayeakermaye

RAPID colours fixed with version 5.10
All colour depths now work with v 5.10. Available on Feb 15/99.

07 Feb 1999 10:35 eacepayeakermaye

Faint screen colours due to colour depth problem with xrapid
Versions 5.09 and less of Rapid only work with a colour depth of 8.
Higher colour depths cause Rapid to display faint colours
such that the menus do not appear or the graphs are faint.

You can change your colour depth of X-windows by setting
all the /etc/XF86Config, 'section "Screen"' areas to contain a line
that says : DefaultColorDepth 8
and then Rapid will work.

The next version of Rapid (version 5.10) will fix this problem.
I hope to release it before the end of February 1999.

David Pace


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