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randomsig is a program that creates a .signature file in your home directory as a named pipe. This pipe will produce a random line each time it is read from. This is useful for generating random signatures in email messages and the like. The program can also be run in safe mode where it will simply update the a text .signature file every so often according to how you've configured the program.


Recent releases

  •  26 Sep 2001 16:05

    Release Notes: The default mode no longer uses a named pipe to update the file, but instead checks the last access time of the file. If it has been accessed after the signature file was last changed, it will spit out a new signature into the file. This gives the illusion of randomsigs every time without the complexity of using a named pipe. This also allows randomsig to be used with programs like Pine that don't handle named pipes very well. Safe mode has been renamed to "timed mode" to better reflect what it does.

    •  01 May 2001 11:38

      Release Notes: MAIL_QUOTING variable added to the sample config file. Mail quoting is now done better and includes a way to remove the domain from the e-mail address of the quote string. The line mutation code was moved out of the main signature generating section and into the line_add section so that the mutations will not run on lines gathered from quoted files. The mutations from the sample config file were also not working because they needed to be in single quotes instead of double quotes.

      •  30 Apr 2001 09:59

        Release Notes: This release now includes support for user-defined \n and \t in sigquotes, the ability to wrap lines correctly, support for Maildir and Gzipped mailbox formats, the capability to use all signatures before using the same one twice, a fix for a bug which caused ignoring of blank lines in the .sigcancel file, and some bugs regarding calculation of the last time folders were read.

        •  03 Sep 2000 00:00

          Release Notes: This release features many changes, fixes, and improvements including randomsig forking away from the shell, use of a .randomsigrc config file, non-pipe (safe) mode, word-wrap, configurable line matching on regular expressions, better Pine interoperability, and more.

          •  19 Apr 2000 08:52

            Release Notes: Initial release.

            Recent comments

            26 Sep 2001 11:00 suso

            Re: Using randomsig with pine (IT WORKS NOW)
            The latest version of randomsig (1.10.0) now uses a new default mode that doesn't rely on named pipes. So Pine should now work fine with randomsig and any other program that can read normal files. The named pipe feature is still available using the -p option, but will eventually be a depreciated feature by version 2.0

            19 Apr 2000 10:43 suso

            Using randomsig with pine
            I use pine myself so this program's top priority was to work with pine. There are some issues sometimes like if you try composing messages to rapidly(but why would you do that anyways) but other than that, it should work. Just in case you're curious, I use pine versions 4.04 and 4.10. I haven't tested the program with any pre 4 versions of pine so there may be a problem there.

            19 Apr 2000 08:16 bigdog

            Has anyone used this with pine? Pine usually has problems with .signature being a pipe and not a real file.. And the only random .sig generator that works with pine some of the time is gensig ( But it aint developed anymore..


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