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ramlog acts as a system daemon that maintains log files in memory instead of hard disk while the system is running. On startup, it creates a ramdisk, copies files from /var/log into the ramdisk, and mounts the ramdisk as /var/log. All logs after that will be updated on the ramdisk. When shutting down or restarting the service, it saves log files back to hard disk. This service drastically reduces the frequency of hard disk usage, which can be useful when the system runs on battery or uses flash memory instead of a hard disk.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Apr 2010 23:45

    Release Notes: Support for tmpfs and ramfs was added. tmpfs is now used by default. Support for kernel ramdisk has also been retained. Enable and disable options were added. The startup algorithm was significantly improved. Log synchronization was improved by using rsync. A Plymouth workaround was implemneted. A workaround for daemons not stopping was added. /etc/sysconfig/ramlog and /etc/default/ramlog configuration files were added for RPM and Deb systems. A verbose mode was added and is turned on by default.

    •  11 Jun 2008 08:01

      Release Notes: Support for Ubuntu was added. Support for SELinux was added. ramlog now saves security context of all files in /var/log. Logs are saved to HDD even if stopping is not successful. A logging feature was added (and it is on by default). A .deb package was created for Ubuntu. Some bugs were fixed.

      •  15 Jan 2008 12:58

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        Recent comments

        14 Apr 2010 23:51 Tofu2

        I just released Ramlog 2.0.0 today. It should be working fine on below systems:

        * CentOS 5.4
        * Fedora 10
        * Fedora 12
        * Debian 5.0.4 Lenny
        * Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy LTS
        * Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic
        * Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 2
        * Linux Mint 8 Helena

        You can download it from

        10 Nov 2009 09:20 blaubart69

        Look around a long time for a tool like this.
        No that I found it, Ubuntu 9.10 is out with >grub2< and this "Upstartup"-thing. So the install of the debian package doesn't work.
        Hm? I think the thing with grub is only the ramdisk size. But I don't know how to add RAMLOG it in the Upstart process.


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