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Railz is a railway strategy/management game based upon the jfreerails source code base. The project is still in the development, stage and has not yet reached a complete feature set. The game is based on a client-server architecture and will be multi-player.


Recent releases

  •  31 Jan 2005 03:48

    Release Notes: This release features improved graphics and several bugfixes.

    •  23 Jan 2005 20:04

      Release Notes: This release contains improvement to the train motion code that allow for more realism and increased numbers of train types (to be added). Also included are several bugfixes, and the ability to mod the in-game graphics and game configuration.

      •  31 Oct 2004 21:44

        Release Notes: Station improvements infrastructure and water consumption by trains have been added.

        •  18 Oct 2004 06:08

          Release Notes: The train motion was updated, with single and double width tracks implemented (trains now block each other on single tracks). Train movement no longer eats bandwidth New consist selection dialog. There are "pluggable" Game Scenarios and Stats counters. Changes to city tile generation and cargo/tile values were made. Train priorities were implemented.

          •  07 Apr 2004 00:54

            Release Notes: This release adds a balance sheet, track and train maintenance charges, improved message display when connecting/disconnecting, and numerous bugfixes.


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