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20 Nov 2011 22:36 timtheeagle

Radiator is fantastic.
Having worked with Radiator for over 8 years I can only reiterate all of the positive comments about this product that have been made before me.
Flexible, powerful, scalable and extensive.
I had a recent problem with tacacs functionality and I was delivered a patch within 12 hours - what a turnaround and unheard of with any other product.
Note that this is the only time I have found a bug. Normally I am seeking support to help me to understand alternatives and options that I have not yet explored.
A great product with very responsive support.
Keep up the great work.

24 May 2011 02:27 vateatea

The Radiator team does it right; excellent software, clear documentation, and top-notch support all at a sane price. This is how for-profit software should work and differentiate from freeware. Well done!

28 Nov 2010 12:15 gbecares

After 8 years working with Radiator, Iīve to say I havenīt seen an AAA scenario that it canīt handle:

- High performance: lots of auth/acct requests per second with proxy_radius/server_radius architecture and server farm capabilities.
- Integration of multiple ISPs with different requirements on international roaming scenarios: security, pap, chap, radius attributes manipulation, per-ISP radius health checks, etc.
- Radius over tcp or sctp (Radsec).... what to say: if you have to communicate Radius proxies through the Internet, you would love to have some security and reliability.
- Disclosure services: it is always a pain to handle several gigabytes of logs, but Radiator helps a lot with this.... different formats and details of logs, storage in local files, syslog, databases... or just modify the logs on real time before storing it.
- Easily customizable: Radiator let you add perl code in a smart way, without reducing the platform performance.
- Great debug logs and statistics for troubleshooting and performance analysis.
- Development: just have a look to the releases history... the Radiator guys don't stop making their software compatible with the lastest technology.
- Having a professional support is also critical for my company.

After 12 years of development, Radiator is for me the best Radius server. Not free, but value for money for sure.

10 Jun 2009 11:26 heutho

Radiator is second to none when it comes to RADIUS servers, period. Of all the Radius Servers i ever evaluated (FreeRADIUS, Steel-Belted Radius, <verysmallfont>IIAS</verysmallfont>, and much more), Radiator quickly turned out to be the best. Radiator runs on almost every OS known to man (or at least everywhere perl runs :D), is easy and fast to configure and extremely well documented, and there are boatloads of plugins for almost every intended purpose.

keep up the good work guys!

05 Sep 2008 17:46 tamarackw

Best RADIUS Server
Radiator is incredibly flexible and complete. Very stable product with support for a wide range of authentication types. I would highly recommend Radiator to anyone looking to implement a RADIUS solution.

25 Mar 2008 03:03 thefuzzycow

Radiator is great
Having worked with Radiator for over 7 years, I can honestly say that I love the product.

I have used Radiator for solutions from 1000 basic dialup users, to 300k+ subscriber ISP.

Beyond what other comments already said, I want to add:

* Radiator has beautiful code - I actually used its source code to improve my Perl programming skills.

* Radiator developers accept patches and improvements from individual contributors. So if you patch/feature can contribute to others - it may become officially maintained (saves a ton of time/effort during upgrades)

* Rapid development and implementation of new features - new authentication scheme can be implemented and tested in a matter of hours.

29 Aug 2007 06:51 pkiely

The best RADIUS server none
Radiator is, far and away, the best RADIUS server out there. I've tried several RADIUS servers in the past, both commercial and non-commercial, and Radiator beats them all hands down. Support for just about every authentication mechanism you can think of, excellent logging capability, and top notch support.

26 Apr 2007 04:53 evils0n

There is no doubt this is the best radius server
What can i say , this is the absolutely best radiusserver on the market. Every penny is well spent. Of course i was very sceptic in the beginning because it was running under perl. But all i can say here is never underestimate perl.
But once again perl shows its power.

With Osc's products you will have a superb authenticsystem, with the freedom that comes with that is almost running on any flavour. And if you enter problems you will get the very best support from their supportteam, take their job very seriously.

Dont spend lots of time and money finding a radiuserver that shall serve your needs, i can almost bet that OSC's radius (Radiator) already do it for you.

I really recommend this product

30 Mar 2007 18:33 ChrisStevens

The best RADIUS server
Radiator is by far the best RADIUS server around. It has a huge range of plug

in modules, and it can be configured to do almost anything you can imagine. And

the support is absolutely the best anywhere.

We have used it on a number of projects, and it is completely reliable. Its

easy to configure and works with any database on any platform you may want. We

have used to it solve a number of difficult authentication needs that no

other RADIUS server could come close to.

Don't waste your time with any other commercial or free RADIUS server.

I cant recommend Radiator highly enough. Great work guys!

11 Feb 2007 04:01 fleeflng

Very Good Support
When I started working at a site that had lots of wireless AP's, I heard about Radiator for the first time. On that site they had tried for quite a while to get another Radius server going with little success. When somebody came up with 'let's use Radiator', everything went much faster all of the sudden.

Since then, I've been working on a project called 'UserTracking' which works pretty closely together with Radiator. It works like a charm, but what's much more important is the outstanding support that Mike and Hugh give on their mailing list. I've hardly seen any question go by that remained unanswered, except in some cases where the poster was kindly asked if they had licensed Radiator.

That's right, Radiator is not 'free', but it is opensource. You get full disclosure on the (Perl) sourcecode, which makes it incredibly flexible.

Great product!


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