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25 Jan 2012 10:30 smehra76

I tried to install on RHEL 5. The thru installation how to, Just doesnt happen. I guess the SQL scripts are not included in new version. Tried the older version (0.16) worked well.

23 Jan 2012 16:24 smehra76

Browsed through looks very very nice project. Very useful I am sure to like it a lot once i am done installing this week. Addition of Address book, Router/Switch config backup and tacacs+ would make it perfect for me.

24 Feb 2011 01:49 m0rph3u5

After the use of tacktables, the documentation of the IT infrastructure was like it's perfect! Thank you a lot!

02 Feb 2011 12:39 Forcefx

best choice after looking at various tools

20 Oct 2010 10:01 mikewessling

Very good project. We use it on a daily basis.

26 Sep 2009 15:36 redride

Definitively, you have done a great work! Very interesting project.


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