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Quixote is yet another framework for developing Web applications in Python. The design goals are to allow easy development of Web applications where the accent is more on complicated programming logic than complicated templating, to make the templating language as similar to Python as possible, in both syntax and semantics (the aim is to make as many of the skills and structural techniques used in writing regular Python code applicable to Web applications built using Quixote), and to involve no magic -- when it's not obvious what to do in a certain case, Quixote refuses to guess. If you view a web site as a program, and web pages as subroutines, this just might be the tool for you. If you view a web site as a graphic design showcase, and each web page as an individual work of art, this is probably not what you're looking for.

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Recent releases

  •  17 Jul 2003 07:13

    Release Notes: Automatic HTML escaping for better security using the 'htmltext' type, a different preferred syntax for declaring PTL templates (the old syntax is still supported), better support for multi-threaded applications, a new _q_resolve() hook to support lazy module importing (and other tricks), renaming _q_getname() to _q_lookup() (the old name is still supported), support for publishing static files and directories, generation of an AccessError rather than ImportError on missing _q_import(), and some new glue in the Twisted framework.

    •  08 Oct 2002 23:43

      Release Notes: Overhauled support for HTTP upload, support for publishing Quixote apps directly via HTTP (for people who don't want to mess around with configuring Apache), and various other minor enhancements.

      •  10 Jun 2002 16:29

        Release Notes: The session management interface was overhauled and documented. The handling of publishing errors was overhauled. Objects found by the URL traversal loop can now be strings as well as callables. An optional defense against playback attacks was added.

        •  12 Apr 2002 18:13

          Release Notes: This release can parse form data from a GET request again.

          •  11 Apr 2002 20:57

            Release Notes: This release has a new ability to format tracebacks in beautiful HTML, fixes for a handful of bugs, documentation fixes, XHTML compliance, the use of HTTP 1.1 cache control headers, and embryonic support for XML-RPC.


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